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Consuming items forever
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Sometimes(NOT everytime- 1/5 times)when you consume something(injection,food,drink,...)a bug appears which endures the consuming forever!For example:You eat some canned food,it says that you have eaten canned food-but if you consume something again(example:pipsi)it will say that you are still consuming the canned food and you will only be able to "Inspect" the pipsi.In my 25 hours of gameplay,this problem has occured 3 times.Its a big problem because-example:you are fully geared up,you eat something,then go in a town and fight a zombie.You start bleeding-but you can only "Inspect"the bandages!That happend to me all 3 times.The only way(for now)to stop this bug is to restart the game.


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Steps To Reproduce

1.Consume something
2.Try to consume something else

Additional Information

Although the reproducibility is labeled "sometimes",this happend very rarly.

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