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Drinking can teleport you
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I have recently found out that sometimes when you drink something(i havent tried eating in that conditions)that you find and pick up-you will TELEPORT!It wont teleport you a long distance away, but it caused my death which resaulted in a MASSIVE RAGEQUIT!I traveld for 3 human days to the NW Airfield-i finnaly came there and started looting buildings.Soon, my inventory slots were full so i eated all the food and drink all the drinks i would find in buildings.I came into one of the buildings (i think it was the ATC tower) and,on the 2nd floor i found a Pipsi.I didnt take it in my inventory,instead i dranked it immideatly(sry for bad english) and it TELEPORTED ME THROUGH THE WALL WHILE I WAS DRINKIG IT-and obviusly,i fell down 2 METERS(from the 2nd floor) and i (non-realisticly)DIED!I was very,very,very sad because i had dreams of looting the NW airfiled for the last 3 days.


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Steps To Reproduce

1.Go to a building on the upper floor
2.Find a Pipsi
3.DONT put it in your inventory-drink it form "the vicinity"
4.There is a CHANCE(presumably not always)that you will teleport
5.If you dont succed in teleporting-please try again

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