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Instant death by zombie
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So I see a zombie in the middle of the road and figure I'll save a bullet and kill it with my fire ax. I swing a couple times trying to hit the head since it is still bugged. The zombie hits me twice and on his third swing I die instantly. There was no message of broken limbs or loss of color from the screen. I had full health and was wearing a pristine ballistics helmet.


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Attack a zombie at full health

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Full health + healthy, hydrated, and energized
Wearing a pristine green ballistics helmet

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Same thing has happened to me. Crouched down, mostly pristine gear (pristine moto helmet), one hit from a zombie killed me.

Sandman added a subscriber: Sandman.May 8 2016, 6:11 PM

I know kneeling/crouching increases the chance for zombies to strike you in the head, but I have had this problem while standing

10xray1 added a subscriber: 10xray1.May 8 2016, 6:11 PM

This happened twice to a friend I was playing with. Both times it was a female zombie with a pink shirt. One-shotted.

The most recent was 3 hits from an invisible zombie... dead.

kryseus added a subscriber: kryseus.May 8 2016, 6:11 PM

I was today and tomorrow probably killed by female zombie. I get only one hit and then black screen YAD.

Paper26 added a subscriber: Paper26.May 8 2016, 6:11 PM

Me too. Since today this game is more unplayable than before (unlogical, but with DayZ everything is possible).

I bought GTA V and deinstalled BugZ (I'm sorry).

happened to me 2 times at 0.55


This is game feature called "bone condition".

This should be really removed from the game. There is no point for trying to be alive for very long time when with every hit from a zombie or other player make you closer to the death. And nothing can heal you.

Until this feature removed from game just play like typical Counter Strike or COD player, forget about survival and attack any player you see on sight.

With my last character i was playing very serious and survived very long time.(%& fully geared + perfectly healthy) At the end of it a zombie just 1 hit me and i'm death..

The guy in this video should be the chef of the DayZ-Dev-Team!

GoZeska added a subscriber: GoZeska.May 8 2016, 6:11 PM

I'm against "spine bone condition". I believe it ruins the game. First of all it is very hard to keep track of the current condition of your bones, be it legg or spine. Having your legg break is fine, but having your spine break with the penalty of death makes the game too realistic, yes I said it.

Even tho this game is all about realism, you can't argue agaist the fact that enjoyment and satisfaction plays a just as important role. It is very dissatisfying to die from a hidden stat, this even made a lot of players question themselves: Did I get shot by a sniper? I didn't hear the shot tho, shouldn't I have heard the shot? Was he so far away, that I died before I heard the shot?

With the zombies overpowered/melee system in ruins it is already to hard to avoid getting hits. Look at how the zombies automatacally knows which door to run to when you seek refuge in a house. You get the point.

Also, I question how this game mechanic is even realistic. I haven't heard of that many professional boxers die from thier spine breaking mid fight, heck, most of them die from dementia.

I believe that a player should be able to survive forever, if skillfull enough. Stats should be rechargeable.