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Constant, random connection issues
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The following issues appear almost everytime I play. Reconnecting to a server usually solves the problems for a little while after which they reappear.
Interestingly they have gotten way worse since guaranteed messaging has been implemented. Before that In nevery had those problems at least not as frequent.

  1. Error: No message from server

Could be restarts but then I would have a lot of bad luck

  1. Teleportation

Probably connected to a disconnect between the position on client and server.

  1. Error: Session lost

Appears randomly, sometimes includes a char reset which is particularly pleasant.

  1. Not able to pickup loot or do anything in inventory.

This is not just the known issue where some slots in the inventory can't be used. I can't do anything inside my inventory. When I right click I only get "receiving" which indicates a networking issue.

I don't have any problems with my connection outside of DayZ.


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Hop on a server and play. It seems to happen with any server. Even player count doesn't seem to make much of a difference.

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I have no special configuration on my router for DayZ. No ports opened nothing.
I get the red and yellow disconnect symbol pretty often.

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I have the same problem it happens a lot since the last Update, and as you i don't have any connection issues but in DayZ. Those crash even made me die 4-5 times and made my character reset, that's the most annoying.

Can confirm that since the last stable update there are huge connectivity issues, random desync, session lost after a few minutes of gameplay and also random crashes to desktop.