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Disappearing items and then randomly bleeding
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Went to the Cherno market. Upon trying to place something in my backpack it became clear that I was experiencing the known bug where the inventory slot appears empty but the game thinks it has something there. Knowing the workaround for this I dropped my backpack on the concrete floor behind the cash registers. It promptly disappeared forever.

I have had this item disappearance on a drop happen before where my item merely dropped a short distance away, usually within the same building so I looked around the outside and inside of the market but turned up nothing. I moved the camera so that I was looking straight down and combed over the area of the floor where I had dropped it but I did not find it.

It was at this time that my character started bleeding as if taking damage from an unknown source every few seconds, along with the desaturation of color associated with taking damage. There was no audible or visual reason for this so I doubt it was simply one of those invisible zombies. Furthermore it was not merely another player plinking away at me with the Amphibia as I ran into the back room of the market but the problem persisted. More to the point there were only two of us on the server and based on the server's clock I'd wager a guess that the other person was at the northern airfield looting it before hopping servers again.


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Logging out while under the bleed effect seems to have killed my character in the interim. Wierd because it wasn't doing much damage; aside from the momentary desaturation when I'd take a tick of bleed damage I could tell I still was in pretty good health and I'd started from maximum blood and health.

Sometimes the dropped item goes to the floor below. The grocery store has a raised floor so I would never drop anything there if you want to recover it again.
On a second floor house the item is usually in the room below.
I only drop items outside on the ground now.