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One-handed items randomly dropping from hands AND INVENTORY
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When holding a one-handed item in your hand, whether you picked it up off the ground or you put it in your hand directly from your inventory, and running around you'll eventually drop the item onto the ground. Some items are retrievable, some not.


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Hold one-handed item in hands.
Play as usual.
You'll eventually (usually after just 3-4 minutes) drop the item onto the ground. Usually goes unnoticed unless you watch your hand very closely.

Additional Information

rotten orange - retrievable
ashwood stick - sometimes retrievable
combat knife - non retrievable
m9a1 bayonet - non retrievable

Dropped items are affected by the new "physics" (throwing physics), as noted by the ashwood stick toppling and sinking into the ground usually, and the rotten orange rolling around after it falls.

I have lost many combat knives and m9a1 bayonets to this. At least 4 of each.

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Yep, had this happen to machetes four or five times now...