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DayZ Standalone : Unlimited Ammunition
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Well there was a huge firefight going down at the North East Airstrip, so I ran over to the hangars and there were 5 dead people. Ran up to one and took his M4A1, it had a glitched/hacked magazine in it. I took it, had some fun with it then got killed. Lukily, I managed to get back to the airfield, pick up a Mosin with ammo inside it and kill the guy that killed me.

My first question is: Will I get banned for having possession of this item? As I did not produce this item, I would be shocked if I was banned. I'll hold on to the mag/ammo until I get a firm, confirmed reply.

Suggestion to fix this: Make the decreasing of ammunition, or anything to generally do to ammo server sided, that would make it harder, if not impossible to produce such an item.


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Finding the mag is pretty hard now as there are less though you can reproduce the ammo countless times:

1: Empty the ammo of your Unlimited Ammo mag.
2: Empty the ammo of your Unlimited Ammo mag again.
3: Repeat Process.

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Any help would be appreciated as to if I get banned and what to do with it.

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get rid of the hacked items in the woods or open field.

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BattlEye will not ban for 'picking up or using hacked in-game items'.

This has been reported before so I will close as duplicate of #0009968: Unlimited ammo stack

Please vote up the original issue to increase visibility, add any extra information in the notes section, and monitor it for further developments.