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[Suggestion] Please provide a column in History tab with connection Date/Time
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Please add a new column to the history tab with the date/time the user connected to the server so that the user can easily see which server he/she was LAST connected to.
In its current implementation there is no way to tell which server you were last connected when using history. This can be easily remedied by adding a column, that can be sorted, using the date and time the user connected to the server.


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I would like to add to this that there is a practical reason for needing this feature. If a server restarts and you click Play again before the server comes back up you are sent back to the server list. Finding the server you were last connected to is now very difficult as many servers have very similar names
DayZ UK 5-70 hosted by
DayZ UK 5-80 hosted by, etc
and often you have to try multiple servers before you are connected to one successfully. So your server list is full of similar server names and you have no way to find which one you we last connected to. Click the wrong server and you then get the delay for server hopping.

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I agree with rgobeli1, a button to clear your history would also be very welcome.

A button to clear history would also be nice to have.