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Zombies spawning randomly
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SEveral times now while playing, I've been attacked by Zombies that spawned out of thin air in the middle of nowhere. At first I thought this was happening because I wasn't paying attention and they were just seeing me from a distance, but I've had it happen several times now, and they are spawning literally out of thin air. Usually in pairs, and its always the same zombie model, the male zombie in the red/black outfit. I've actually witnessed them simply appear out of nowhere, right in front me, already in full attack mode. They usually spawn one in front and one behind the character, and it doesn't stop until 6 to 10 of them have attacked the character. And this happening, as I said, in the middle of nowhere. Ive had it happen while walking along a deserted section of beach, or a train track or powerline, WAAAY out long ways from town or city.


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