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DayZ Hackers
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Always when im playing i see people with speed hack wall hack and with unlimited ammo.
the number of the hackers its not 1 or 2 per server its between 3 and 10.
Im checking what server Im join in and im join the steam servers i think that its Impossible to play DayZ with this number of Hackers and this kind of cheats.


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Unlimited Ammo
speed hack
wall hack

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Somehow they are running commands to spawn this gear or something.

I once went to the military base with friends and we found what we thought was a place where hackers were generating hacked gear. There were like 4 kitted out M4's a few mosins with several long ranges scopes, and the M4 magazines had ammo amounts written in hexidecimal which I could clearly see converted to some number over 1,000,000 rounds. We did not touch any of it for fear of being identified as hackers. When we ran back to electro there was a crew of 4 dudes rapidly teleporting around and firing mosins machine gun style and some had M4s that sounded like they were shooting 100 rounds per mouse click.

I have also had a few instanced where I am wounded, but not killed, by a hacker. Each time this happens I run very far away to the inland and find a safe place to log off. Every time I take a single bullet from a hacker i always spawn in a new server as a fresh spawn even though I bandaged, got fully 'healthy' status, and logged out 10km away from the hackers arena of death.

Suggestion: e. g. (60rndM4 Clip) Mag Capacity > 60 = Kick (Better would be BAN)

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this needs to stop. it ruins the game and the will of playing it.
in my case, I will not play DAYZ anymore until I see SERIOUS anti cheat measures being taken to stop this bs

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Thanks for the feedback, however this has already been reported.

Closing as duplicate of #008589: Wallhacker, Teleporter or just : Cheater! (Cheat-Tool)

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