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Step over action not working in elevator shaft of apartment buildings in Chapaevsk.
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When in the elevator shaft, by the ladder heading to the roof of the apartment buildings in Chapaevsk, above the rubble on the stairs (Shown in image attached to this issue) the character will not perform the "Jump" or "Step Over" action.
I tried adding an additional mapping for the "Step Over" action, logging out and back in, and still the character will not perform it while standing here. I was finally able to get out after about 15 mins of trying different actions such as running at the opening etc, but the fact that the action "Step Over" does not work here when "V" is pressed needs to be addressed.
To be 100% sure I entered the elevator shaft again a few days later and encountered exactly the same problem. {F30994}


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Enter elevator shaft and try to use the Step Over action using "V".
The action will not be performed.

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I have reused the image from
reported by adriumroot (hope you don't mind) as I don't want to get stuck in the same place a third time.

The same issue was addressed in the above mentioned issue but I think that the only action taken was to help the player become unstuck.
If this is not the case and the area in question is being looked at to make sure people are not continuing to get stuck here then this issue can be closed.

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