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Old Character Lost after Windows Reinstall
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I recently re-installed windows, and along with that re-installed DayZ. I had a character with some gear before the re-install. I logged into game now and there is no character in the background of the main menu.


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Steps To Reproduce
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  1. Create character.
  2. Acquire some gear.
  3. Close game and save character.
  4. Re-install Windows, Steam, and DayZ.
  5. Log-in to find the previous character gone.

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I recommend you read the message that pops up when you load up the game. You will lose your character many more times, better get used to it and man up. The magic word is: ALPHA.

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if this happens, its not nice.
I have to reinstall windows too because my SSD crashed complete.
But i had no problems with my char.
Sorry, can't confirm (i don't vote)

I reinstalled windows 2 days ago, had to reinstall steam and DayZ, my character still had all of his gear and inventory... up until the dude at NWAF put a bullet in my head.

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I feel something like a character reset or death on your log-out happened. Feel free to try to reproduce this issue.


Glad to hear that your character is still intact.

In case you run into any further problems in the future, please feel free to submit a new issue in the Feedback Tracker.