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Part of the World ( The Terrain ) Stopped Loading
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Well I just spawned and I did start Gathering supplies. I started running in the forest ( I was running North ) And literally the Terrain stopped loading. It was just bare land and nothing else ( Exept AIs. I am not too sure I just saw a Bunny spawn in the Bare Terrain ). And I thought it was a Server issue but it wasn't. I logged into 3 Servers and the Terrain still wasn't fixed. I Killed my Character, Hoping That it repairs the Terrain. ( I don't know if it did or did not, I have to check ). But please be aware of this HUGE issue. Because this can upset many Players. {F30992} {F30993}


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that's the northern edge of the map, dummy.

looks like you discovered the debug plains.

app0815, I went up North from the Southern Shore and it starts happening. And it was Not Necessairy to Say Dummy. Act more Mature around the Bug reports would you?