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Cloning of ALL Equipment!
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Dear DayZ Team ...
Don't know how to reproduce, but Youtube Vids already exists! The reason why i am reporting AND i think its really dramatic for the evolution of the standalone is, that some guys i learned to know from playing, are doubling their equipment at any time! That means:
One dies and go to a friendly place, where he meets with an equipped player... then the "bambie" knocks out the other player and while he is unconscious and logging out, the "bambie" takes the stuff and also loggs off. The complete and exact procedure can be get from the Stuff-Team from me, but fact is, both have same Gear!
So Pls! As anyone here! Solve this prob first, cause it caused a lot of probs these dayz with the guys i used to play with! Thats not my thing!

Regards vibster!


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I noticed this but in other way, you can log off join the same server and kill your clone, most of the time you live and you can take the stuff from your clone

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We worked...full characters duplicated with everything...
if your clone is already you can kill him after the server finished with desync...and we can duplicate again...but sometimes the server may freeze...
I think the problem are communicate and time issue between the server and the player pc.

Duplicate of #3688 (Reproduction of Character as unnamed basic AI entity.).

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