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[Suggestion] Item Spawn solution for server hoppers.
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I dont know anybody think about this, but i think the item spawn should be context with player numbers on servers. Just start with the idea how is now players gear them selfs. They login on a low populated server go to some military placement and take all the gear what they have found. If you can manage to make some connection with the players numbers and loot numbers this can solve the problem with the server hoppers and easy looters. More people you play with the more risks you take and you should get a more rewardable (varried) loot.


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This is only a suggestion.

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This not the perfect place to post suggestion. Moreover you must add title tag [SUGGESTION].

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This suggestion does Not work because the gear enter the game during a server restart and during this time no one is on a server.
Also noobs without weapons have no Chance to find gear because they can't def sameself by equiped players, zombies ect to find Loot. The only result is: noobies are food for players to kill them with the highest Chance to Be killed

Hello Asaob,

Thanks for sending in your feedback on this issue. The way that the item spawning and login process are working now might change in the future. Please feel free to follow future status reports/changelogs for possible changes to these mechanics.