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To much Binocular spawn.
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I checked a lot of village, and i have found almost every village about 1-2 binoculars. I think this item should be rare.


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Go into any city and check buildings. You will find minimum 1 binocular. But 3-4 also happened with me in 1 city.

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Confirm. Just wanted to say the same.

In every fifth garage you find a binocular. Should be MUCH more rare.
I saw about 15-20 binoculars the last 2 days..

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I noticed this happens with every new item they add. I think they do it so that everyone gets a chance to play with it and report bugs. They'll balance spawn rates during beta.

Hello Asaob,

The devs are continuously collecting server data in order to tweak the item spawning, so when they see some item spawns that are askewed, they can change the spawning ratios.