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Falling through floor of crane cabins.
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When in the cabin of the cranes in Berezino, I was trying to take a shot and crouched while in there. I fell straight through the floor. Same happened to a friend on different crane 5 min after.

I went back and tested. I was able to fall through more than 50% of the time. It happens when you are in the narrower sections.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Climb crane to cabin.
  2. Crouch or prone in narrow section.
  3. Profit?
  4. Death
Additional Information

I was on a higher ping server than I usually am. I was around 150ms.Not sure if this is a factor.

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Had similar problem trying to perform some action (switch weapon, eat smth.) near the wall inside of cabin. Player starts to move forward through the wall performing an action which shouldn't cause a move. Dead player on the ground as result. Seems that cranes and cabins are one problem generally (both wall and floor), so i vote up here.

it doesnt happen only oc cranes it happens on all ladders on random basis...i got killed climbing a ladder at least 20 times since i got the game