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plz add the time in view.
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You have to join a server to see if its night or day there. If you dc cause of nightserver you get a spowntime from 600 sec -.- that sucks hard. Plz add a view so that we can see what time it is on the server


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The time of the server is displayed in 24 hour format on the server browser under the column Time, so if it displays 15:00 next to the server you want to connect to then that would be 3pm and on the current 0.44 build it is daytime until about 17:30 (5:30pm) give or take, so if you want to play on daytime servers make sure you connect to a server that has time parameters between 07:00(7am) to 17:30(5:30pm).

Hello Siler,

I'll close out your ticket, since (as codea mentions) it is possible to see the server time in the server browser.