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Punching too OP
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Getting punched knocks you out in a punch or two while getting hit in the face with an axe does no noticable damage. I have been KO'd at least twice and had my entire person looted and the other person was apparently a fresh spawn both times. Punching definately has to be rebalanced/nerfed and melee weapons aren't as good for whatever reason. I also noticed that the UNARMED zombies don't knock you out.


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Get punched by a player.

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I want to confirm this.

Had two different but very similar situations: Got attacked by a freshspawn who tried to hit me with bare fists.

I defended myself with melee weapons - a machete in one case, a hammer in the other - and definitely hit the character in the head a couple times: I saw multiple sources of bleeding on the head.
Nevertheless, in both cases I got knocked out by the opponent's fists...

Luckily, in one case, I woke up from my unconciousness to find the opponent bled to death next to me. Fat chance.

Hello CheeseFlavored,

I'll close your ticket, since the current iteration of the melee combat will not be the final. As development comes along, the dev team will be working on the balancing of melee weapons (fists included).