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While standing with a 1-hand melee weapon with raised fists, players can't crouch
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The one-handed melee weapons (TRIED WITH MACHETE, BAYONET AND HAMMER)can't be used in crouch position.
If you are standing up, and you are holding the 1-hand melee with fist raised (attack position) you can't switch to crouch, unless you unraise the fists.

Once you are crouched you can't fight. {F30945}


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No Bug
Steps To Reproduce
  • Pick up a one-handed melee weapon (machete or hammer)
  • Move the melee weapon from the gear the the hands, or assign it to a quick slot menu and click it
  • Press "stand up" key (default "C")
  • From standing position: Raise the fist with your meele in the right hand (default key "Space Bar")
  • Try to attack (fire button). All should works fine till now.
  • Press "crouch" button (Default "X"). The character WILL NOT REACT.
  • Unraise your fists (like you are not in fight)
  • Press "crouch" button. The character will crouch.
  • From Crouching position: try to raise your fists. Character will not react.
Additional Information

I tried the problem with machete and hammer.
The situation is uncomfortable, because you are allowed to hold 2-hand melee weapons and raise them to attack from both standing and positions, and even move in the while! So if i want to attack with this items i need to stand up

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Hello fedediss,

Thanks for sending in your feedback on this issue. I'll close the ticket since the animations/mechanic is still being worked on which means that it's not a bug. Please feel free to follow future status reports/changelogs for news on this mechanic.