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Crossbow bolt stacks convert into one bolt when loaded. Behave like snaploaders/quivers.
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When you find crossbow bolts you find them in a bulk, which is equivalent to a pack. These can be ejected, and you will get 1-5 bolts.

When ejected, this stack of bolts can be loaded back into the crossbow, which shows 1 bolt. If the bolt is dragged out into inventory, it's a bulk again

Now if you press "f" or scroll you can select reload with: the bulk, like if it was a quier.


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How to convert Stack into bulk:

Eject bulk of crossbow bolts.

Load them into the crossbow.

Drag them out agian. They are a bulk again.


How to reload it:

Load a quiver or some other bolts into the crossbow.

Have a bulk of bolts into your inventory while crossbow is already loaded

Scroll or press "f" you can now reload with the bulk, which acts like a quiver/snap/speedloader. And only takes up 1 inventory space.

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