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I'm getting sick to the gills of playing a character for days on end, and getting them really really well geared and having someone sneak up on me and kill my character for no reason other than the fun of it. If you wanna kill other players, go play COD or Battlefield! PLEASE give us some servers that disables pvp or allow us to turn it off so other players cant kill us. This game should be about survival and finding another player should be a chance to help, cooperate, trade, talk, etc.. THATS what MOST real HUMAN BEINGS would DO! There are plenty of games out there designed for people who wanna prove their combat ability against other players. I LOVE this game, but after losing my character over and over and over I'm about to quit playing this game. There ARE MANY of us playing that DO NOT want to murder other players, and we should have a place to go that we don't have to worry about the physcho's that get off on hunting human beings.


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I love THE NEGATIVE VOTES! Ya know what that is? its little boys that aren't good enough to play ACTUAL combat games with their friends cause they get their asses kicked, so they find a game like this, full of people who aren't playing just to get their undies moist by murdering other players, and they can exploit that and actually get some kills. keep voting boys.

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The point of this game is not to dance on daisies, loot stuff and never ever die.
The point is to survive. If you can't look around you and be more careful, this game probably isn't for you.

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I will give a vote up, I too believe that DayZ should be a game for every player not just the KOS bandits that shot from behind or snipe and don't even loot your stuff, some players like myself and my clan Counter Bandit Unit [CBU] patrol the east coast helping new spawns with food, can openers and basic weapons for defense from zeds while removing KOS bandits, this is more satisfying then just terminating a players character for no reason. KOS is the real problem not so much the standard bandit that will hold you up for your stuff then let you go and not just score a frag for the bragging rights.

The only reason DayZ is such a good game that gives you a thrill, and real emotions. Is tha ability for another player to pull the trigger without a reason and end you, and you can do that too.

It's when you both choose not to, that you feel something special, which makes you happy.

If you can't take the presure, don't play DayZ.

Play CoD or battlefield. You don't loose anything there.

Codea, what server does your clan play on? I'd like very much to meet other non-KoS players who actually help their fellow human beings. I think there are many who don't quite understand that the definition of survival does not include instant murder of anything that moves...

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I think its a good idea.
The char which is generated could be the same (the same way) as for regular and hardcore. There are two difference accounts. Why not a third one? So you are not able to connect with a non-PVP char to a regular-server and there are more zombies.

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well, this is what makes the game interesting. its like it would be in real life as well. there are always badasses who abuse the situation. and how would you accomplish this? no friendly fire? i think this should not change. it is good as it is. sure sometimes its sad if you got up to a nice state. but well. obeye your setting i guess

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Once the game is released and servers can run private hives, set their own server rules and enforce them (plus mods), you'll very likely find a non-PVP server to play on.

I agree for 1 important reason. We are supposed to be testing the game, the argument that the point of the game is to survive and being wary of other people is part of this is fundamentally flawed. When starting a new character players are focused on survival at first so can't test bugs then. Once equipped enough to survive players are murdered at random. I have been murdered a few times after finding just enough loot to feed and defend myself. Non-PVP servers would give people somewhere to test bugs without fear of being murdered and having to go through the gathering supplies phase again. It would also give players a chance to meet up with groups and test bugs together without having to commit to a clan at this early stage of the game. I also believe people would spend more time actually testing the game by trying to duplicate bugs if they didn't have to be continuously watching their backs. A zombie attack is manageable, a human attack means instant death.

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yesterday i met 10 players. only one tried to shot me from the distance. the other 9 where friendly and i had a great experience of the game. but i'd be happe to find more experimental servers, cause its really hard to join

I belive devs will remove KOSing with much more smarter methods than just simple turn off pvp.. I have to say something that have never been said.. its ALPHA

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lets see what the new pathfinding brings to make it more survival and less pvp.
and i am still for less loot on military bases/airports. once reached, you are fully equiped with hundrets of bullets and 5+ clips.

Edit: +1 for ello. we need really more experimental servers.

Hello tahatton,

Thanks for sending in your feedback regarding this issue. I'll close the ticket since being able to switch between pve/pvp does not seem to be in line with the design that the devs have for the game.