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0.44 Incorrectly Refreshing Items
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In .44, there's a bug which causes inventories not to refresh. This causes a host of issues. The inventories/clothings that don't refresh cannot be used, looted, etc. They can forcibly be refreshed if there's a vacant slot to drag an item to, but this is only possible for the player itself. This heavily impedes looting because the only way to loot would be to take the entire article of clothing and try to refresh it later.

This also breaks weapons. If you pick up a firearm that hasn't been refreshed properly, it cannot ADS nor fire and often shows up with incorrect parts. This can be fixed by logging out/in and breaks combat.


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Have experienced this many times, accurate description.

Hello hotcakes,

Thanks for sending in your feedback on this issue. I'll close your ticket, since it's not possible to reproduce on the latest internal build. The issue may have been due to connection issues, which in turn would not make this a bug. In case you run into other bugs, feel free to submit a new ticket on the feedback tracker.