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Some servers not spawning latest added loot. Even though running latest patch.
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I've been noticing this very weird bug slowly, some servers do NOT spawn the latest added loot.

I play on one German server, always.

Patch .44 came out, I joined to find a crossbow.

After playing for the whole weekend over 15 hours and looting airfields, Vybor + military base, novy/stary sobor about 3 times each after a reset, still never saw a single new item.

Never saw the Zucchini, pickaxe, track pants, binoculars, crossbow, bolts or quiver. How was this possible?

I was starting to doubt their existense on the server, but didn't think much about it, assuming they were just rare.

After killing a guy saturday I found binoculars on him, and all the new fixed loot spawns were well it couldn't be running an older version...

Sunday came along, and I hadn't yet seen the shadow of a new item. My favorite German server was down for some reason, so I was forced to join another server

I logged in, spawning in vybor. After looting it, I had found a total of:

7x Track pants.
1x Pickaxe.
3x Bolts.
1x Quiver.
1x Crossbow

And on the NWAF:

1x Zucchini.
1x Binocular.

Which leads me to beleive that for some odd unexplainable reason. New loot is not spawning on some specific servers.


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EDIT: Join the server called "GER | wochenend-gamer-de | Hardcore"
And see if you can find newly added items.

Additional Information

Server type: Hardcore.
Bug since: A few updates back (Has happened before, didn't think much about it.)
Happens when: Unknown, after a new patch has been deployed for some time. Then new gear starts to spawn.

EDIT: Currently I've experienced the bug on the server called:

GER | wochenend-gamer-de | Hardcore

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can confirm this

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I've played for ~ 3 days and looted multiple spots and I've never even seen the M4A1 but I've seen it in videos and such. Probably just a matter of luck.

The reason why you wouldn't find an m4 is because you don't loot atfer a reset.

They spawn in airfields.

Hello AnyVoxel,

Thanks for sending in your feedback on this issue. I'll close your ticket since this should already have been fixed.