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Sporter 30Rnd .22 Mag & Small Protector Cases
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Had 3 mags inside my backpack, and one inside small protector case. Waste my mags and everytime I reload my gun pressing "R" key. One of the mags gone, now I only have the magazine that was inside my Small Protector Case.


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Have 1x[30Rnd 22. Mag] Inside 1x[Small Protector Case]
Have 2x[30Rnd 22. Mag] Inside 1x[Backpack or any other place to put things on Inventory.]
Attach one of the magazines on the Sporter 22.
Shoot all the bullets and press R to Reload
Check the inventory.

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I don't Know why this happened, and just tried in one character.

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Did you happen to rubberband a lot where the mag disapeared?

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This has happened to me several times, also if you have a 30rnd mag in the gun and a 10 mag in our inventory but no space to put the 30rnd mag it will disappear ones reloading the gun.