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Melee Weapons almost Useless
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Before this Patch it was possible to one-hit zombies with the axes, wich was too easy i thinkn. but now it takes more than 7 hits, even if such a heavy and bladed weapon. And don't forget e.g. the bat! Its like using the Fists and does not seem to deal damage at all, even when aiming for the Zombies Head. These Weapons are, in my eyes, completely useless, since i am still able to handle the situation, but the zombies don't die and when they do, it took way too long to be acceptable. About more Than 15 hits with a Bat are way too much. and this is the problem with kitchen knifes, combat knifes, hacksaw and so on. they are useless.


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That's funny. I can drop zombies with 3 hits to the head with a melee weapon and 15-40 with fists.

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This is a known issue and there is already a report open, so I will close as duplicate of #10925