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Female breathing way too loud
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As title said, the breathing is way to load. It sounds like the sex from game of thrones and my parents are getting angry. Also when you step in water the breathing sound stops and continues when exiting the water (probably a bug also?).


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  1. spawn as a lady
  1. run
  1. proof it???
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make the god damn female voice quieter, yes i like to hear a woman moan but not in a video games while i try to force feed bambis along the coast with rotten kiwis

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i agree with you. i find it inappropriate too

Just walking around makes your female character breath like she's exercising. It's very loud and you can't hear anything besides it.

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Totally agree, playing my h/c character is a nightmare because every time I run I can't hear anything else.

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This problem exists so long and is totally ignored by Bohemia. It renders female characters useless in hardcore/1st person only games. Is this intentionally? Are you guys sexists to give female characters this disadvantage?