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zed invisible while I retain a good FPS bandwidth and desync
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invisible zeds follow up to third story apt and keep getting damage by assumed invisible zombies as there were 30+ hits before death. game was running very smoothly, just invisible zombies.

edit: also could not hear any zombie noises agro or attack, got grey screen on hits, could not use any items such as bandages.


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stable regular multiplay server, i think central US and around 7 people on server.

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might have just been massive desync without showing in player menu, but i havnt had desync so smooth before. also first encounter with the invisible zombies in 435 hrs.

Guys you are doing a great job and I appreciate all the hard work that you have put into this game. It can only get better from here!


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Thank you for sending us your feedback regarding this issue.

Unfortunately, the problem regarding invisible zombies is a known issue that has previously been reported.

Closing as duplicate of #365.

Please upvote the original issue to increase visibility and feel free to add any extra information (updated repro steps/screenshots) in the notes section.