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Couldn't use bandage after bleeding effect from Zombie
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Got hit by a Zombie in the forest near the NEAF, tried to bandage myself, bandages and rags did not acknowledge I was bleeding, no use option, just inspect and split. Put bandages in hand and still did not allow me to use it. Waited for Desync to reduce to 0 and yet still couldn't use bandages. Forced me to log out of game which resulted in queue time.


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Get hit by zombies receive the bleed status and check to see if bandages and rags get bugged out on a occasional basis?

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There is a bug where the bandage/rags shows the pristine quality while in reality its ruined (happend more then 10 times in the 0.44 patch). Same with objects that has things inside of them like containers or weapons where the items on it wont load in, both texture wise and in the player inventory.

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Strange, Nothing in my inventory was ruined as I didn't get into any gun battles this life, unless the zombie hitting me got them into a ruined status. Not sure.

Edit: Definately not Ruined, upon server changing my bandages worked fine, and stopped bleeding.

kakan is right. Its just a bug. Relog

I did relog I was able to use my bandages, they were not "ruined".

I found that I have a similar issue with bandages or any real consumable, I did however notice that the items were "badly damaged" but I am unsure if that is why you cant use them.

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Closing as duplicate of #10978