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newly added shortbow sound issue
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when "jogging" standing upright with the "improvised short bow" in hand, but not ready to fire the footsteps sound FX becomes a stuttered clip clopping sound, as if riding a horse. its doubling the footsteps. I checked this on all 3 movement speeds standing erect and both speeds crouched, it only does it on the medium erect speed, and only if being held but not readied to fire.


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create improvised short bow.
hold it in your hands but nor readied to fire
stand erect
move at medium or "jogging" speed

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I also noticed that when the bow is carried "stowed" on the characters back, it looks REAALY dumb. its upside down, under the characters arm, with the arrow sticking straight up thru the armpit and shoulder.

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Seems to always happen when you try to run up hills also