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Pitch black
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When ever I join a server my game is completely black with no moon. When I turn my brightness and gamma up I can see a black screen with white outlines of my body and other objects.

When my dayz standalone game updated to version 0.44.123800 I played the game for 10mins and when I logged on, the game was fine but I lost all my stuff like my backpack and gun ex (witch is understandable), but the when I played in next I had the black screen problem, then I tried two other servers and the second server was fine and I didn't have any problem, but later on that day I when to play the game again and I could find any server that didn't have this problem. Also when I join the server with the black screen problem or without the black screen some writing would come up saying confirmation changes cannot load texture dz/headgear/data/

Plz get back to me and tell me if u have found some way to fix this bug, I'm really enjoying dayz and all the cool updates that are coming but I'm not having much fun when I can't play the game cos I can't see anything, plz help I'm unable to play this grate game until u help me thinks and sorry I wrote every thing in the description



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This happens to me all the time. I will load in and it will be pitch black, it is not night because I have friends on the same server that will say it is daytime. It is only occurred since the recent patch 44.123800. I makes the game unplayable.