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insta death no cause ( overlaped models for m4/semi auto .45 pistol NOT 1911)
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empty server in camo building no zombies.. no players in server.. just looting. portable gas lantern on. bend down take screen shot of 45 semi auto pistol overlaping m4 on bed in bunk area upstairs... "your leg hurts.. you are dead". check player list.. no one on. no zombie noises or hits. nothing just insta dead. double check, sit with death screen listen for 30 min.. no zombie no player no nothing. just dead. was not moving drinking eating or anything... just hit screen shot button. server is not unstable. everything else in server is fine.. zombies are active. ect.


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camo building north end of nwaf just before new tents area. crouched to take screen shot... closest bunk to windows. ( maybe wall glitch death perhaps )

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i´ve reported it in 0010495.
Happened yeserday again to a new friend.