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gamma, colours and graphics have been changed.
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As someone said In the Forum, it seems to me that gamma or something to colours and graphics have been changed. Now it looks worse to me. Lights and shadows seems to be more clear and all looks more un-realistic in general terms.

Buildings are more detailed even if you use strings before execute the game to gain more FPS.

-Drop FPS
-Gamma and colors more "colorful and cartoonish"

Need roll back from 044.123800 to 043.116251

I've put an example on an attachment about the difference between ARMA2 and DAYZ standalone graphic...Now the game taken the same graphic of Arma2. {F30886}


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DayZ looks more cartoonish und less "next gen" now. Also: The FOV is off.
Aiming with a red dot sight looks very zoomed out ...

Hello GunnyITA,

Thanks for sending in your feedback on this subject. Like the rest of the game, this is also still being developed. I'll close your ticket, since I don't see any bugs here.