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Character Randomly Dies
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My character will spontaneously die for no apparent reason.

To be exact, I was standing in one of those prison buildings South of the large, North-Eastern airfield where military loot can be found. It was nighttime, I had just switched my gear into a hunter backpack and picked it up, had a Fireman's Axe, an M4A1 on my back, an M4A1 in my hands, a handgun, and two boxes full of ammo, a medkit, a protector case, tincture and some miscellaneous goods.

I had walked over and opened a somewhat damaged can of Kvass and drunk it Then promptly died. My character was hydrated, energized and healthy. I was standing next to a doorway beside a bunk and had just opened a door before reaching for the drink. I suddenly got the black death screen and my friend standing beside me confirmed I wasn't shot. My rifle was on the floor where I died.

It was actually sorta eerie. My character just disappeared. I saw no status messages for poisoning. We suspect I might have clipped through the floor and died, but it's hard to say.

My rifle in my hands shortly after my friend picked it up. I exited, entered the same server and respawned on the beach.


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It happened about ten minutes ago, but I have spontaneously died for no reason at all once before, and once started the game to find my character reset.

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Confirm, but already reported in 0010981, 0010495 and 0009824.