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Give us a suicide option.
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Please give us a suicide option at all times, especially in these alpha stages where i can't even get up 2 steps with a broken leg, or get through most doors for that matter.


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This is a bug tracker, a place to report bugs not a suggestion section. For that, voted down.

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Well they should have a suggestion section as suicide is an absolute necessity in a survival game. If i want to make the choice to opt out and start from the beginning i should be aloud to. Not crawl around for 2 hours (yes, two hours), as i can't enter 90% of the buildings (can't fit through doorwars or go up stairs) and zombies are so scarce they aren't exactly easy to find, the first zombie i encountered after breaking my leg ran into me and died. I couldn't find a single ladder but even then i'm not able to climb over any railings for some messed up reason. So when my ability to scavenge almost all buildings is diminished, i can't jump off of any heights (even then i've survived many 4-6 story drops and lived so that's not a guarantee), and i'm in the middle of freaking no where, the developers expect me to walk away from my computer until my character dies because i'm sick of dealing with bugs? No i want to kill myself and start over as it's a complete waste of time, i can hardly call this a suggestion. If they don't add a suicide option soon i'll stop playing the game as it is simply to buggy and i have been in to many situations where there was absolutely zero chance of my survival or it was simply easier to kill myself, i understand it's in alpha but seriously they are just trolling us by letting the glitches/bugs force us to endure shit only to die. Do i not make a valid point? It may not be a bug per say, but it is something the game absolutely needs at this point in it's development.

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You mentioned it already: It´s a survival game! No suicide game!
Find friends which can help you.
Or go to a server with teamspeak and ask other people there to help you.
I dont like that sucide thing:
spawn too far from friends or loot --> suicide, broke legs --> suicide

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This has been suggested previously - remember to search before opening new issues.

Closing as duplicate of #0004938

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