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Can't crawl through doorways or up stairs.
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I'm sure every day z player has had this happen, you fall from one story up and you fracture your leg, thus your stuck crawling around until you find the supplies. Problem is i can't enter 90% of the buildings, i can crawl across a freaking mountain but i can't go up two flights of stairs yet alone enter a doorway that I've somehow opened in a prone position. And yes i have tried spamming V but it only works on occasion. If i had have been able to crawl into the buildings i might not have been executed on the street


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Break your leg, try crawling into most buildings.

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Also why do i break my leg from falling six feet, yet i fell off of a 4 story building, fell off another story and was fine. I know we're placed into the game as civilians, but if SAS soldiers can jump out of a helicopter, 30 feet onto a hard steel deck of a ferry (yes this is a common training practice, my best friends step dad trained with the SAS many times) then why can't a civilian learn to land a fall properly? Give us the benefit of the doubt and assume our characters aren't stupid. I can take a six foot jump onto solid ground with steel toes on and i'm no athlete so yeah...

Also i'm not saying we should be able to take 30 foot falls, just 6-8 foot ones.


Thank you for sending us your feedback regarding this issue.

Unfortunately, the issue regarding crawling inside/into buildings has previously been reported.

Closing as duplicate of #0002714:

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If you're still experiencing issues regarding fall damage, as described in your note, please feel free to do a search and send in a new issue if it has not already been reported.