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Dupeing / linking items using two backpacks.
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I found this bug the other day, that works with pretty much anything that can fit in your hands and backpack. What I did was I had a sawed off shotgun in my hands, and it resided in my backpack until I swapped my backpack, then I looked on the floor and there was another shotgun full of ammo in the bag I just dropped, and the same shotgun in my hands, I did this with my friend and we both had one and saw it, but when we shot, we shared the ammo in the two guns, and if we put the gun away it would return to the bag we took it from even from a few miles away, It's fairly easy to do and could be exploited in order to get items back on death, like leave a bag with the duped gun in it, spend all it's ammo, and if you get caught and die, just put the weapon away and it will return to the bag, which you can then go and find after respawning or something unfair like that.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Place shotgun or item to link/dupe into the backpack.
  2. Take shotgun or item into hands, while it resides in the backpack
  3. Swap your current backpack for a different one on the ground.
  4. Check backpack on floor, and you should have a duped item
Additional Information

This works with guns and ammo sharing, I have yet to test it on a cmag or something of the sort to see if it still shares the ammo. I havn't tested it on every holdable item yet but it seems to work with everything I've tried so far.

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This is what Einstein called "Spooky action at a distance". You have created quantum entangled shotguns...