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Stuck under a house
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Basicly i was playing as you do on dayz just got my self a SKS and a Fire axe as you do on DayZ but i had to go somewhere (where abouts not need to be known) and once i returned i spawned in under a house and i cant get out

As im new to the DayZ game i have no idea of location or anything but could you help me get out in some way like spawn me somewhere else i dont care where just somewhere so i can play with this character ive been having fun. if there is no way to sort this then please kill my character so i can play


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Try this:

  • Move as close to the outer wall as possible, then log out.
  • Log in again and run forward and vault as soon as you are connected (press WW V WW V WW V WW ...)

I have tried this before and it worked for me. There is some small time window where you can move a little bit while it is connecting.

Duplicate of #101 (Logged out in a stuck underneath it).

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