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Where are the sticks?
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I Some time ago I broke my leg..because I didn't have on me morphine I tried to find sticks. On Dayz Wiki Website it says that you can find sticks EVERYWHERE. I crawled trough the city for 4 (real life) days trying to find sticks switching servers over and over again. I even gone to a forest and hitting a tree to see if I can get some sticks to make splints. I mean IN A FOREST YOU CAN NOT FIND a forest...Vote up if you agree with me.


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This isn't even an issue...
Did it ever occur to you to kill yourself, re-spawn and run back to your body?

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Please make sure to search before opening new issues. The three points you mentioned have all been reported previously:

#0008698: Wooden sticks are too rare
#0009389: Wooden sticks spawning in the woods
#0009717: Crafting sticks from trees