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Zombies are too OP (too fast, too strong)
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I understand that zombies were too slow and you could run past them without them catching you up...but after the last update they are to fast...imagine that you are a fresh spawn and you get attacked by a few have no chance of running (because they are too fast), fighting back (because now they are stronger and one or two hits from them makes you bleed) and you get detected by them so easily that you don't even have time to run because you can't hear them until they are TOO CLOSE to you. They are too OP.

PS: the game version is 0.43.116251


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Are they to OP now or not?

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I'm still able to outrun them and kill at least three of them with my bare hands, so I don't understand all this whining.

First of all: This is not a bug!

Second: Imagine you recently fresh spawned and got killed (by a zombie). Can you imagine to wait 30 seconds and do another (fresh) spawn? NO? OMG! Doomsday! -.-

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This is definitely a bug. I had full health, full blood, yet 1 hit from a zombie left me unconscious and bleeding with a broken leg. On another occasion, again with full health and blood, a zombie was able to kill me in a single hit.

This is old it was an issue from the last update.
a zombie one hitting you at fresh spawn sounds like you dayz client is lagging and causing you to take the damage from hits the game hadn't processed yet on your end and then looking like you got insta-killed. The major things that cause these lags which i had problems with before are the game is defaulted to settings to high for your computer (it uses a bit of RAM) if you have overwolf in the background get rid of it (uninstall) because its useless there is and overlay for teamspeak that does the same thing as over wolf without dropping your frames. If you think your PC is the fastest and this isn't lack of resources you may be wrong I'm using a 3.5GHz CPU, 4GB RAM, and 2GB VRAM on a 650 NVidia. I had to change my graphics to a lower setting to stop lagging.

Ya. The Zeds are way too fast. And they lock on from way too far. Even when I am in houses, etc. They see me from 600m away and WHAM! Like a fat kid on a Smartie! The only good thing about them is that I finally have a use for bandages. Still. The focus of this game is not Zeds. It is other players. The Zeds are too much now. They do too much damage too quickly.

Also, they are so laggy(?). They bounce all over in a fight sequence. I cannot be sure if they hit me or not. Sometimes I seem to strike them down as they approach and then I see the white blow, hear the sound, and start bleeding from the strike he got on me after the Zeds falls over dead. Maybe if the Zeds showed more fidelity between where they are and where they seem to be, I would not be so upset. I don't like the current situation because I get hit when I think I should not and I cannot block it and I cannot do anything about it. They just come out of nowhere and BAM! Injured.

You know. I have been playing Breaking Point. I like what the Zeds are there. I like that they are a slow, shambling horde. I think that is what Zeds are supposed to be. Their role in this type of gameplay is more to keep the player honest and to keep the player moving. I like that in BP, they accumulate and the horde grows bigger with time. It only takes a couple of minutes doddling and tinkering with inventory before the horde is too big to fight. I think it is an effective Zed mechanic.

Zeds are already known as "broken" from developers, so don't worry, they will get a rework.
And honestly, the developers has the full choice to make zombies OP: In the mod the first problem were actually op zombies in the city, not players

Hello MeGusta,

The current iteration of melee damage is not the final version and will be reworked/balanced by the dev team as the project comes along.