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Zombies spawn around you after you shoot
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I shot a zombie in Stary Sabor and after i killed it another one was chasing me, so i run out of the town, then i shoot the one chasing me, and i see one spawn and start chasing me, so i shoot it, and i see another one chasing me, so i shoot it, etc, this went on for about 15min and 20 zombies, before there was enough time for me to log out before another zombie got close. didn't happen at NW AF when i shot a few zombies up there.


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have a zombie see/hear you, shoot, wash rinse repeat

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i know bugs are to be expected, and i have been enjoying the game besides this issue, i just wanted to let you know that zombies spawning w/in 20m isn't fun ;)

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It happens when u kill a zen with a melee weapon as well. Happened to me when I was slinging away with my trusted pitchfork...the zed kept on coming at me from all around, one at a time.