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Able to move character while unconcious
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After being shot unconscious by a teleporting hacker, I was waiting for my character to get back up whilst spamming C button (for no reason of course) and when I pressed ESC I could see my character standing up, then all of a sudden I could use my movement keys and I was able to bolt away into the forest.
I could only use my movement keys on the keyboard, I think I was able to use the hot bar, and I can move my head using the num pad keys.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Get knocked unconscious
  2. Press ESC and see if you can see the background
  3. Press C then ESC with minimum delay (repeat if doesn't work)
  4. Watch character stand up
  5. Run away while unconscious lol

Video of incident:

You might need to turn your brightness up...

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