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Duplicate 30Rnd Stanag (coupled) with Protector Case
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  1. Attach a fully loaded 30Rnd Stanag (coupled) to M4
  2. Put another fully loaded 30Rnd Stanag (coupled) inside a Protector case inside a Hunting backpack
  3. Be sure there is no other magazine (for M4) in your pockets as it would be the first to be used for a reload (instead of the one in the Protector case)
  4. Shoot at least 1 round/bullet with M4 and reload subsequently
  5. Now you have a full 30Rnd Stanag (coupled) attached to the M4, the 30Rnd Stanag (coupled) magazine with at least 1 less round inside it (located in backpack -> probably because the Protector case is in the backpack) and STILL the full 30Rnd Stanag (coupled) inside your Protector case!


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Steps To Reproduce

Perform the steps mentioned above!

I haven`t tried whether this duplication also occurs to other magazines for M4 or to magazines of other weapons.

I haven`t tried whether this duplication also occurs if another backpack is used or if the Protector case is somewhere else in your cloth (NOT in the backpack).

I haven`t tried whether this duplication also occurs if the magazine inside the Protector case isn`t fully loaded (less than or equal 59 rounds/bullets).

Additional Information

After successful duplication, the 30Rnd Stanag (coupled) still left in the Protector case isn`t removable until re-log.

All items were pristine.

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This has been reported previously - remember to search before opening new issues.

Closing as duplicate of #0010022: Unlimited clips

Please vote up the original issue to increase visibility, add any extra information in the notes section, and monitor it for further developments.