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Direct communications bug
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Today I was playing on experimental / regular and after a while I start hearing some dude talking to a buddy over direct communication. Of course I thought they were close so I booked out of there. The voice kept following me no matter where I went I couldn't seem to shake them but never saw them, even when I was in the middle of a large field where I should have seen them if I could still hear him. I started to think it was a hacker following me under ground or something like that but after a while he started to say things that were no way related to what I was doing so I realised it was probably just a bug where somehow my direct communications channel picked up this guys channel.
Leaving the server and rejoining did not solve the issue.


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Did a complete restart of my pc. Did not experience the issue again so far.

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Played about 10 hours on version 44.116358 and this was the first time I experienced the bug.

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(Logged in) Admins can activate "Global communication". This counts for writing and speaking. With Global communication active, they write and speak to everyone on the server, no matter where they are. Maybe this admin just forgot to switch back to Direct Communication or he just was making fun out of you.

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I guess it's possible but I played already for about 20 mins, I never heard a general announcement and the "dude" was not sounding very mature or admin like. He said he was 21 but after a while it was clear he and his buddy were harassing a female character player, not something I would expect from an admin. Will report again if it happens again.