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Check pulse only yields "Unknown identity" on respawned corpses
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When checking a player corpse' pulse, in most cases one will only get the feedback "Unknown identity has no pulse..", whereas in some cases it will actually yield the name of the player.

I'm not sure, but I believe this is dependent on whether or not the dead player has chosen to respawn yet or not.

I would love to be able to see the name of a dead player, even after them clicking the respawn button.


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Kill player, check pulse.

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We need to know dead player names IMO.

My mate encoutered a hacker, speedhacking and hacked ammo in inventory. He was able to take him down but got killed too. I run fast as I could to check this guys name but only to see "unknown entity". Screenshot attached. It would help a lot to know these hackers in-game names + it would be nice to know who you killed anyway without any hacking involved.

ps. picture is not of the hacker dead body but the message on left corner is from it, dead body was right from that position the picture is taken. Had a guy at that site picking stuff up but I can not be sure it was him so hide the name.