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no way of escaping zombies makes starting an annoying lottery
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whenever you start, you have no weapons at all. that means you are unable to defend yourself, when zombies find you. but you have to go to a city/ a house to find a weapon, where a zombie will probably wait.
so whenever i start, i have to try numerous times to find some gear befor i get attacked.
i cannot escape zombies by running, as they are faster than me and never stop
i cannot hide from zombies, as they completely ignore walls and doors
i cannot sneak arround them, as going that slow is annoying as fuck


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just start a new game

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This basically sums up the game for me. I often spawn super slow and by the time I "wake up" I'm already soaked in blood because I've been getting raped by a zombie for a few hits. Then there's no buildings around with anything good in them to hit with. Devs need to get a grip on some of these issues. Like how SUPER annoying these zombies are. I've outrun you dude. Stop following me. I've hidden from you dude. You obviously can't sniff me out. And the biggest complaint, FIX THE WALL CLIPPING. It' doesn't seem like it would be that hard of an issue.

...why dont you just punch them in the head like everyone else? Zombies are a non-issue

Nearly every single one of my bambi characters will grow to full size. In other words, I strongly disagree. Sometimes I get mauled by zeds while I am without a weapon, but as soon as I get a melee weapon, that annoying part is over. I will basically always win versus any number of zeds so long as I have a melee weapon of any sort. I really like the baseball bat because it has a pretty decent knockout average.

You need to learn to outrun the zeds at first. you need to learn yhow they move so you can run and find an axe and grab it while they are lunging at you. 100% do-able.

I agree with itchypantz, Zombies killing myh charecter are about less than me dying of Hypothermia (itchypantz knows haha) but one hit to the head and they are down for a bit. If you cannot find in axe the Hoe is a GREAT two shotter to pick up. one suggestion to you is to run them in a tight circle they will swing and miss 90 percent of the time. Fitting three zombies with a baseball bat at once and I was still victorious.

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stay of the main roads... or any road at all. I had the same issue when i re-started playing. Now i only die to zombies if i want a fress spawn. When you see a town, dont go straight inside... go around... you'll get more luck. It's true that its wierd that sometimes you can be spoted by a zombie that is on the other side of the town.

LOL, you're kidding right!? Seriously, if this is not a joke, go play another game because Z's at the moment are a non-issue, you barely know they're in the game, even when you're a fresh spawn.
It's only going to get tougher to survive, so best jump ship now.