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Item Disappearing in Gorka Police Station
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On the third floor of the Police Station in Gorka on the half circle platform by the stairwell, whenever you drop an item from your inventory it will disappear.

I dropped my ammunition box hoping to reload my magazine, the ammunition box did not appear. I even proceeded to look for it in the lower floors (all the rooms) and even outside of the building. I cannot find it.

I reproduced it again by dropping a headtorch. I cannot find it either.


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Steps To Reproduce

Simply drop an item at the stated location. It will not appear.

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I once dropped a Mosin there and I found it again where I had it from: Second floor, left room.
I carried this gun within my hands to the other floor and dropped it because I needed to patch myself up with a bandage.

[Mosin in Hand, Zombie hit me in 2nd floor, Went to 3rd Floor, Pressed Key 9 to Fastget my Bandage, Bandaged myself, Mosin had been back in the Place it spawned earlier.]

PS: I already had 2 Guns in my Inventory, they had been there because since I spawned, I did not use any Item before getting this specific Mosin into my Hands. (3 Guns carry? Never tried it before and it didnt work well ;), so)


Hello orangebox,

Thanks for putting this to our attention. I'll close the ticket since it's not possible to reproduce in the latest internal build.