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Why lack of transportation!! please add something temporary
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i really love this game but i get vary board of walking every where. i cant play more than an hour without wanting to go back to the mod. i understand you guys are working on it (hopefully) but can we please at least get something. indestructible bikes or something until you guys get vehicles and repairing set up the way you want.


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Are you serious? This is for reporting bugs, not to request vehicles to be added. I'm sure the dev's are already aware that walking is really messed up due to the fact the map is really big.

Bikes and ATV's are already planned. Devs have said that they will start them after the physics have been properly done.

Bvhalen this is a feedback page which means its not only for bugs. feedback means you tell them what you want to see updated next and thoughts about the game. they want to know what people think so they can decide what to update next. i was just stateing what i wanted to see next i would rather have a bike than a campfires or what ever the next update was. im not saying its gota be done well.

LOLZ! Indestructible bikes would be ace. I'd vote for one in RL also.

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@mottsboy, no. This is for reporting bugs, Such as VIEW ISSUES/REPORT ISSUES and your rank being REPORTER. The reporters get feedback from other reporters/devs for their bug reports. Go on the forum if you want to suggest terrible ideas like this.

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No category "suggestion" when reporting issue through form, since it is not a bug, devs should delete reporter account or more will come.

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walking is fun - WTF vehicles? better spawn points, and solution to glitching and sh*t would BE NICE