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Ammo Hack / Bug / Glitch?
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So basically I was at the NE Airfield today with my mate as we entered one of the buildings. We noticed a few bodies inside though noone else to be found there. As I examined one of the bodies I found a fully stocked M4 (Oh I was so happy) Untill I checked out the 300 round box he was carrying and towards my looks I noticed a greatly ammount of ammo on the M4 bullets "6.6787876+008" making it infinite I believe, and there was not just one stack of ammo like that there was way more. We decided to head up the stairs as we found another body, he aswell had the same ammount of ammo capacity as I said above. I do not know how this happend nor what this even is. We decided to head out towards "Krasnostav" hiding in a house and we began checking out if the ammo was just bugged with numbers or actually infinite. I dropped all my ammo of my M4 onto the ground except for one stack of the infinite ammo. I started shooting the wall empty'ing my clip and reloading it a few times. Conclusion; The ammo was indeed infinite. Hopefully the dev's can quickly figure their way behind this bug because this is just incredible. {F30749}


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I don't really know how I would be able to reproduce something like this, maybe using CheatCC or something

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I uploaded a few more screenshots regarding this towards Imgur, feel free to look;

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Edit: Just looked back at my screenshots and noticed at the "Attached Screenshot" that the ammo stated to have 13 bullets left, thats totally invalid so this manipulated the game by thinking it has 13 bullets left. Even though I shot atleast 5 clips of 60 bullets onto the wall and it's still there.

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Are you a hacker yourself or how do you use clips in the M4?
I thought the M4 only accepts magazines.

Those aren't 'clips' they're loose stacks of ammunition.

...Considering how much ammo this game has stolen from me through various glitches and bugs, I don't see how you could complain about an infinite ammo stack. An infinite ammo stack would seem like indemnification for the hundreds and hundreds of rounds which have vanished into thin air.

@macbain, The M4 only accepts magazines yeah. Currently i've seen that the stacks of ammunition are only infinite. Regarding clips I can't say much. As @smashomash said, they're loose stacks of ammunition which are probally manipulated within the system to get them to such a high capacity rate. And am I a hacker myself? Certainly not, if I was (Not that I am) I probally wouldn't even report this to get it patched. The guy we found was a hacker though or just someone who killed a hacker. I've experienced this again today, killing a guy in Cherno as he had infinite .45 ACP rounds. Just saying, if you find someone like this. Just take the legit stuff and then "Hide Body" afterwards. That's what i've done atleast, hopefully this can get a few votes up so the dev's will be alerted and so they can investigate this.

@smashomash, it makes the game not even fun anymore if you can just start spraying and praying. The ammo is in the game for a reason, else wise they would've just only added guns with infinity ammo capacity. They actually added the ammo so people care about shooting and not wasting it.

Hi, all what you write seems correct! At the last two weeks i killed probably a Hacker. With the M4 from him it was probably to Fire without reload ! I took that Mag in my Backpack and emtied it,after that i found one stack ammo with 11.???.??? rounds,but it was not possible to repack the ammo in that Mag only reload the normal portion !

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This has been reported previously - remember to search before opening new issues.

Closing as duplicate of #0009968: Unlimited ammo stack

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