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Getting stuck in a not enterable room
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When I was just playing I had a bad connection and walked outside a house to the road a few times. But due to replacement in a 'laggy' situation, somehow I got teleported into a room where you can not enter normally. Luckily I could get out somehow by sprinting around the room like a maniac and using the shortcut 'V'. This way apparently I climbed through the wall over a object.


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A bad connection and running around the world, near buildings with rooms that can not be entered.

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Same here.

It happened on us while the server had desyncs on some of us.
My mates walked around in some Office-Building. The Building with the Gun-Loot in the one open Room second floor.

Both of them got captured in the ground floor within those locked rooms there. One got out by sprinting circles and pressing V next to these benches at the outer wall. The Escape was just as random as the enprisonment.

In the End both where dead, because one dropped from the first floor randomly and we had to shoot the other one. Not even getting zombies there to have the 2nd friend pushed out of the room helped.

This is quite a common reason of death rightnow.

Duplicate of #8063 (Jail wall glitches).

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